Smart Farming

The future of agriculture—where sensors, drones, and satellites are poised to revolutionize farming practices.

From the advent of mechanization and mineral fertilizers to the industrialization of production processes, the agriculture industry has witnessed significant transformations. Now, we stand on the brink of a new era: Smart Farming, also known as Precision Agriculture. With connectivity and data management at its core, Smart Farming is set to unleash the next wave of innovation in agricultural history.

Today, we have not only the ability to collect vast amounts of data but also to control equipment remotely and monitor individual animals through the Internet of Things (IoT). More and more farmers are embracing digital technology and data-driven innovations to enhance their operations.

As we delve into the realm of Smart Farming, numerous questions arise. What new business models will thrive in this era of innovation? Will new players disrupt the traditional farming landscape? How can traditional farmers transition successfully to becoming smart farmers? Moreover, how can we identify and develop innovative methods for sustainable food production?

Our conference will address these pressing topics, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Available technologies for Farming 4.0: Explore the cutting-edge tools at the forefront of Smart Farming, including drones, sensors, IoT, multi-spectral imaging, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Environmental impact mitigation: Delve into strategies for reducing nitrogen, methane, particulate matter, and odors in farming operations.
  • Leveraging Photonics in farming: Discover how photonics technology can support and enhance various aspects of agriculture.
  • Advancements in plant and crop science: Uncover the latest research and practices aimed at improving resource-use efficiency and maximizing crop yields.
  • Investment in research and development: Understand the importance of investment in R&D to drive innovation and propel the future of Smart Farming.
  • Exploring new business models: Analyze the emerging business models that are poised to thrive in the Smart Farming era.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey into the realm of Smart Farming, where technology and data converge to shape the future of sustainable and efficient food production.

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The conference is an initiative of Jakajima.