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The Sustainable Food Initiative foundation is a COMMUNITY bringing together industry, academia, research organizations, field labs, living labs and governments to achieve it's mission of zero footprint and zero hunger in 2050. The SFI is a circle in the sand, where partners share data, facilities and information, align their goals, and keep each other sharp in thinking from the common goal and not from the institutions (means). Read more
The Czech Technology Platform for Foodstuffs (Czech acronym ČTP) was founded on 20th March, 2006, on the basis of the statutes of the Czech Food Chamber as its organizational section. The Czech Technology Platform for Foodstuffs was established in accordance with the initiative of the European Commission from 16th June, 2004 concerning the creation of technological platforms. The Czech Technology Platform for Foodstuffs is a separate entity, subject to the internal rules of the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic. Read more
The Farm Tech Society (FTS) is an international non-profit industry association that unites and supports the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry, seeking to strengthen the sector through the development and implementation of resilient and future proof methods and technologies for indoor growing.
The Farm Tech Society addresses the need to increase the production for nutritious and healthy food products without damaging the planet, restore the soils and allow new career options and living wages for agriculture professionals. Read more
FIPA - Federation of Portuguese Agro-Food Industries, a private non-profit association, brings together a wide range of associations and companies in the agro-food industry operating in Portugal. Founded in 1987, it has been working for decades to represent, defend and stimulate the sector both nationally and at a European level, with political decision-makers, partners and civil society. Read more
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