Consumer perception of vertical farming

Vertical farming is an interesting new way of producting vegetables, herbs and other plants. For market acceptance of the products it is necessary to find out what consumer awareness is, how and where vegetables grow and how they position vertical farming in relation to field and greenhouse cultivation. The results of a qualitative and quantitative study among Dutch consumers and buyers of all types of fresh vegetables and herbs learns that positioning of vertical farming is a challenge in the Netherlands.

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Innovation and Demonstration for a competitive Dutch Vertical Farming sector

The Fieldlab Vertical Farm project has the ambition of developing a competitive Vertical Farming sector in The Netherlands through the collaboration between knowledge institutes, industry and semi-governmental partners. The topic is approached from different angles such as market and economy, cultivation and technology, education and training. Among the demonstration experiments, comparative trials have been run simultaneously at different partner’s facilities to find out whether starting with the same material and cultivation strategy would generate the similar results.

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