Philips Horticulture LED Solutions is Gold Partner

As a world leader in lighting, Philips LED Lighting understands that every business, animal, fish, greenhouse or vertical farm, is unique and needs a different solution. It believes that vertical farming is one of the answers that contributes to global food challenges. Together with its partners and customers it learned that growing fresh, high quality produce in a sustainable way without pesticides is possible in a profitable way! To accomplish that and improve the business of growers, it develops customized light recipes combining crop growth knowledge and LED technology.

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A survey of dysphagia patients’ attitude towards 3D printing for food personalization

3D printing has been used to modify the texture and nutritional content of foods. However, consumers’ insights are sometimes lacking in 3D food printing research. It is important to better understand the consumers’ attitude towards 3D printing and their special demands, to further develop this technology. This study aims to investigate the attitude of dysphagia patients towards food personalization using 3D printing, via an online survey. We collected results based on surveys filled in by 64 dysphagia patients.

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Vertical farming: How to bring a dream to reality

luuk graamans

Expanding cities across the world rely increasingly on the global food network, but should they? Population growth, urbanisation and climate change place pressure on this network, bringing its resilience into question. For decades urban agriculture has been discussed in popular media and academia as a potential solution to improve food security, quality and sustainability. The new idol in this discussion is the vertical farm: A fully closed system for crop production.

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