The power of 3D Food printing

Peter Nieuwkerk

The technique of 3D food printing offers solutions which weren’t possible before. During his presentation, Peter will give an insight into the technique itself, the results till today, outcome of several trials with care institutes as well as the upscaling to industrial level which is currently happening. Gastronology is driven by the enthusiasm that 3D food printing provides a solution for dysphagia patients (people who suffer from a chewing and swallowing disorder), as their food becomes recognizable, tasty and with a good smell, but can be eaten still with a spoon.

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Gastronology 3D Food Works is Gold sponsor of the 3D Food Printing Conference

Next to a booth at the exhibit, Gastronology powers the conference session, titled: Food innovation in Health care.

Gastronology 3D Food Works, founded in 2019, is developing unique 3D food recipes and natural 3D food shapes for people with chewing and swallowing disorders, and is currently building the production line to print on an industrial scale.

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